Gesundheit durch hydrosofte Wärme

Healthy living starts with Hydrosoft.

Hydrosoft has understand as the first and only producer of saunas that dry high heat only can be a hazard for our skin. Pores shut down which makes breathing and sweating in dry heat very uncomfortable and leads to a strain of circulation.

The Wellness-Sauna is an all-rounder and continues where infrared sauna, bio sauna and Finnish sauna stop. Large, infolding infrared carbon heating surfaces guarantee comfortable and soft warm up of the whole body. Smooth vapour relaxes the nerves, vitalises eyes and airways and moisturises the skin. Comfortable temperatures around 30-40°C and a relative humidity of about 60-90% let you experience an air bath like on a tropical island. It makes you sweat faster, easier and healthier. The human body has between 2-3 millions perspiratory glands and 300.000 sebaceous glands which will be stimulated and eliminate acids, toxins, salts and fats.

In our modern society we are sitting too much and move too less. Because of this lack of movement and physical activity we don’t really sweat anymore. We consider it as unpleasant and disgusting. Who does like to sweat in a suit or blouse? According to this we forgot that perspiration is healthy actually of vital importance – it is one of the four ways of detoxification of our body. Additional come environmental stress like dry air caused by air conditions or radiators, wrong diets, strain and so on… We are drifting away from our natural needs. To get away from our every day life we do sports, go on wellness trips trying to get distance from everything that stresses us.

The Hydrosoft basic thought:

  • UNPLUG – leave your every day life behind
  • RELAX – get new energy
  • CALM DOWN – find inner balance
  • DETOX – soft, pleasant sweating

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