wohlfühlen mit Hydrosoft

Your Private Spa with individual tools and applications.

Hydrosoft is an all-rounder and continues where infrared sauna, bio sauna and Finnish sauna stop. Serving vitality, health and fitness.

Large, infolding infrared carbon heating surfaces

  • With gentle infrared heat radiation without risk of burns
  • Without electrosmog
  • With superior, ergonomic backrest

The big surfaces guarantee comfortable and soft warm up of the whole body. Smooth vapour relaxes the nerves, vitalises eyes and airways and moisturises the skin.

The warm Multi –Wellness board 

The additional infrared carbon heat surface in the front area additionally increases the enveloping heat experience in the cabin. PLUS: You can easily place different fitness and well being equipment just like:

  • Warm herbal foot bath
  • Sole massage nubs and foot massage bar for foot reflex zones
  • Synomobile® – cycle with your arms or legs

With steam surrounded open Hydrotherm® energy seat 

The rising, warm water vapor leads to a gentle hyperthermie due to the pleasant thermal stimulus on the back and pelvic floor.

Variante 1:
Hydrotherm® Relax Seat with steam deflector. 

Ideal for the public area (also with bathing suits).
The enjoyable steaming of the face, respiratory tract, hands and soles of the feet as well as the back with the soft steam deflector increases the feel-good sweating with many happy hormones (serotonin). The increased seating comfort at 65cm also prevents uncomfortable cold feet.

Variante 2:
Hydrotherm® Energy Seat with steam deflector. 

Ideal for steaming your variable pelvic pool floor, back, hand and face.
The enjoyable steaming of the pelvic floor, back, stomach and face as well as the palms of the hands and soles of the feet with the variable soft steam deflection slider and the two sitting positions. The rising soft steam increases breathing and feel-good sweating as well as the prostate, bladder, kidney and bowel function with many happiness and relaxation hormones for the prostate (serotonin and endovalium).

Soft Sauna Oven.

For those who like it a little warmer and cannot do without the sauna flair, we offer an optional small sauna heater in the cabin. With an infusion pot and a few drops of essential oils, your hydrosoft cabin is transformed into a multifunctional mini sauna with all the benefits of hydrosoft sweating. 

In the Classic, Royal and Family Duo models, the cabin depth is increased by a side recess (see cabin layout drawings). 


Gentle method to stimulate the cardiovascular circulation the easy way.
This soft movement can also relieve knee pain as it helps to produce the synovia. Soft and gentle – no muscle build-up.

Foot Bath and Massage Bumps.

ENJOY A PLEASANT FOOT BATH AND STIMULATE YOUR SOLES WITH THE MASSAGE BUMBS. To experience a maximum of pleasure during your sauna session you take advantage of a relaxing foot bath. Pain and stress relief, soften of callus combined with ethereal oils are only a few of the benefits for your feet.
Give your feet what they need with a vitalising reflexology. The foot massage bumbs stimulate nerves, organs and muscles on a natural way like walking barefoot.

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