Die Infrarot Wärmekabine mit Wasserdampf

The unique multi-wellness cabin.

To relax, we look for warmth, but not the dry heat that stresses us and drains energy. We are attracted by the sea which unites warmth and humidity to the most relaxing climate. The HYDROSOFT® Wellness-Sauna delivers the perfect combination of pleasant infrared warmth and vitalising vapour on a natural basis.

Hydrosoft Private SPA is an all-rounder and continues where infrared, bio and Finnish saunas stop.

Large infrared carbon composite heating surfaces guarantee delivery of comfortable and soft warmth to the whole body. Smooth vapour relaxes the nerves, vitalises eyes and airways and moisturises the skin. This unique combination of heat and humidity makes it possible for anybody of any age to enjoy the pleasant effects of a sauna. For health or beauty, regeneration after sporting activities, or just for relaxation – Hydrosoft Private SPA always offers a unique experience of well-being.

Starting at 0.8m.

You can create your own private Spa – in your bathroom, bedroom or living areas. Fast, easy installation and low power usage (hair drier) are only a few of the many more technical advantages. No water connection needed, a simple socket is enough. 

  • Normal socket is sufficient
  • No water connection necessary
  • Low power consumption (from 1.6 kW)
  • Easiest operation
  • 100% Made in Austria

Hydrosoft – Your way to a new art of living…

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