Mehr Lebensenergie mit Hydrosoft

Increase your life energy with Hydrosoft.

Heat only becomes really healthy in connection with water vapour. In order to enrich our body and soul with more life energy, we intuitively search for the best conditions. We look for warmth – but not for dry warmth that dries us up inside and robs us of energy. We feel most comfortable on mild summer evenings, when warmth and moisture combine to create the healthiest and most pleasant climate.

The secret: the right balance between temperature and humidity.

Our life energy is increased by heat, but it is only through the important second component – the water steam – that the feel-good climate in the Hydrosoft really unfolds. The patented Hydrosoft uses the principle of the healing climate with natural power in an inimitable way. The decisive temperature carrier for the double heating effect is the soothing steam. In this way, the effect of the heat is transferred and multiplied to the whole body in an enveloping way.

The right time for the hydrosoft sweating pleasure.

  • Before breakfast.
    As a daily treat for a good start to the day. The body has its cleansing phase in the morning, which is why you sweat best.  
  • After work 
    to relax, to switch off and to let your soul dangle.
  • After fitness, sports or physical work 
    for regeneration and to recharge the batteries. A relaxing pleasure from the first hydrosoft breath and optimal protection against sore muscles.
  • Before going to bed
    to detox. Sweat away the daily chemical stresses of hygiene products, medication, polluted air or food for an extra restful sleep. 
  • Use it in summer too.
    You feel much more comfortable in your clothes, tolerate heat waves much better and also get rid of unloved winter fat. 
  • After sunbathing or solarium 
    for skin care. The naturally produced Dermcidin is considered the best sunscreen and therefore has a preventative effect against unloved sunburn.

The healthy Hydrosoft Thermo Gymnastics.

Due to the pleasantly warm temperatures and the high humidity, gymnastics and fitness exercises in the cabin are ideal in several ways. Hydrosoft fitness with a warm body is fun, relaxing, detoxifying, relieving pain and strengthening the entire musculature with a double effect. Because heat makes us vital, alive and flexible.

Various relaxation and fitness equipment can be integrated into the cabin. Gentle gymnastics and stretching exercises combined with the hydrosoft sweating pleasure – with a holistically enhanced effect. The more often you mobilize your self-healing powers every day, the more you will feel how good it is for your skin, your joints and your muscles. For every sport and for every age – a treat for vitality, health and fitness.

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