The Infrared cabin
with steam.

Why Hydrosoft?

Healthy sweating in a wellness cabin requires more than just heat: Gentle infrared heat combined with invigorating steam is the solution!
Relaxation and recreation, health and well-being or just a place of rest and switching off – Hydrosoft is the right answer, no matter what the requirement!


Our most popular cabins at a glance.

Hydrosoft Classic Dekor weiß

Hydrosoft Classic

The compact Hydrosoft Classic single cabin offers you all the advantages in just 0.86 square meters.
Hydrosoft Royal im Wellnessbad

Hydrosoft Royal

The patented diagonal “Feng Shui”-inspired sitting in the Hydrosoft Royal ensures a unique feel-good experience in just one square meter.
Hydrosoft Family Duo Fichte - Zum Graf

Hydrosoft Family Duo

Our popular two-person cabin allows a particularly communicative sweating experience on 1.18 square meters thanks to the facing seating.
Hydrosoft Outdoor Wellnesskabine im Freien

Hydrosoft Outdoor

With the Hydrosoft Outdoor at the pool, swimming is twice as much fun – even in cool, rainy weather.

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Made in Austria.

Our cabins are 100% produced in North and South Tyrol. Each cabin is built individually at our carpenter in Barbian (South Tyrol). Only domestic wood is used to deliberately keep the transport routes low. The heat surfaces are produced in our plant in Ötztal-Bahn station (Tyrol), where the cabins are installed.

It is not for nothing that our cabin was awarded the Bavarian State Prize for special design and technical excellence in the trade.

With Hydrosoft, the highest quality meets the best craftsmanship – and all this “Made in Austria”!

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What our satisfied customers say about Hydrosoft.

The perfect solution for heating AND cooling.

Healthy living and sleeping climate with the Olymp aluminum radiator. Functionality at the highest level.

Olymp Hotels

The 2 hotels of the Olymp-Hydrosoft Group in Hochgurgl (Tyrol) and Algund (South Tyrol).